Makeup base

Sale -10%

BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF20

US$ 42.00
US$ 46.80
A protective mineral liquid foundation
Sale -2%

Gel Eyeliner

US$ 25.80
US$ 26.40
An ultra-long wearing matte eye eyeliner

The Foundation SPF 12

US$ 51.00
An emulsion foundation that creates a nude-skin complexion
Sale -5%

Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

US$ 45.60
US$ 48.00
An invisible loose setting powder

Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation SPF 15

US$ 58.20
This foundation combines the fluidity of a serum with the perfect amount of pigment
Sale -10%

Glambrow The Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

US$ 29.40
US$ 33.00
A volumising & strengthening brow gel
Sale -42%


US$ 62.40
US$ 108.00
A velvety creamy fluid foundation

Liquid Foundation SPF 14 PA++

US$ 60.60
With a fresh & lightweight fluid texture that spreads easily over skin
Sale -24%
Cosme Decorte

Face Powder

US$ 45.60
US$ 60.00
A rich & smooth face powder that moistly melts into skin
Sale -10%

BareMinerals Original SPF25 Mineral Veil 1.5g/0.05oz

US$ 35.40
US$ 39.60
A lightweight fluid makeup that gives skin airbrushed perfection
Sale -3%

Perfume Powder Pact 5G

US$ 48.60
US$ 50.40
Perfume Powder Pact 5G
Sale -3%

Tanning Compact Foundation N SPF6

US$ 36.00
US$ 37.20
Combines sun protection with skin care benefits in this makeup
Sale -4%
Kevyn Aucoin

The Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation

US$ 66.60
US$ 69.60
A weightless hydrating foundation fluid
Sale -10%

Glambrow The Tinted Brow Cream 3g/0.1oz

US$ 29.40
US$ 33.00
A tinted brow enhancing cream
Sale -1%
Glo Skin Beauty

Luminous Setting Powder 14g/0.5oz

US$ 53.40
US$ 54.00
A luxurious, weightless loose powder to set foundation
Sale -48%
Laura Mercier

Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation

US$ 36.00
US$ 70.20
An updated foundation cream for a flawless, natural complexion

Les Voilettes Translucent Loose Powder Mattifying Veil

US$ 79.20
A magical mattifying loose powder
Sale -11%

Prisme Libre Mat Finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder 4 In 1 Harmony

US$ 63.00
US$ 70.80
A feather-light loose powder that sets the makeup with a final touch
Sale -0%
Cle de Peau

Radiant Cream Foundation N SPF 25

US$ 154.80
US$ 156.00
A luxurious, skincare-based cream foundation inspired by the radiance of a diamond
Estee Lauder

Double Wear Stay In Place Matte Powder Foundation SPF 10

US$ 63.60
A multi-benefit, dual-sided powder foundation Silky soft, weightless formula helps control oil & shine Provides long-lasting color Offers a...
Sale -17%

Mineral Rice Setting Loose Powder

US$ 25.80
US$ 31.20
A lightweight, translucent powder for setting makeup
Sale -10%

Complexion Rescue Brightening Concealer SPF 25

US$ 30.00
US$ 33.60
A brightening, depuffing & protecting concealer for under eye area
Sale -13%

Phyto Sourcils Fix Thickening Gel

US$ 60.00
US$ 69.60
A thickening & setting gel for eyebrows

Hyper Real Glow Duo (Hypnotizing Holiday Collection)

US$ 54.00
A holiday-exclusive compact highlighter with an embossed spiral design
Sale -12%
Christian Dior

Dior Forever Summer Skin

US$ 68.40
US$ 78.00
A skin tint designed for summer wear
Sale -14%

Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation SPF 20

US$ 46.20
US$ 54.00
A smart, hydrating & protective fluid foundation
RMS Beauty

"Un" Cover Up

US$ 43.80
A foundation or a light concealer that creates a flawless skin
Sale -12%


US$ 28.80
US$ 33.00
A versatile cream blush
Sale -2%
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Tinted Brow Gel

US$ 25.80
US$ 26.40
A lightweight, full-pigment tinted eyebrow gel
Winky Lux

Matte Point Powder 12g/0.42oz

US$ 23.40
A transparent pressed setting powder for all skin tones
Sale -26%

Mister Brow Groom Universal Brow Setter

US$ 26.40
US$ 36.00
A brow setting & grooming gel
Billion Dollar Brows

Gold Infused Illuminator 20ml/0.676oz

US$ 22.20
An easy-to-use illuminator for the face
Sale -4%

DermaMinerals Buildable Coverage Loose Mineral Powder SPF 20

US$ 51.60
US$ 54.00
A loose mineral powder formulated with highly effective skin enhancing ingredients
Sale -19%
Jane Iredale

Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner

US$ 25.20
US$ 31.20
A new, improved Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner
Sale -47%
By Terry

Aqua Print Eyeshadow

US$ 24.00
US$ 45.60
A 100% treatment, waterproof pen eye shadow
Sale -36%

Phyto Eye Twist

US$ 42.00
US$ 66.00
This eye twist combines eye shadow & eyeliner in one
Sale -37%

Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation

US$ 29.40
US$ 46.80
A long-wearing & protective matte fluid foundation
Make up for Ever

Ultra HD Underpainting Color Correcting Palette

US$ 51.00
A versatile palette to create a flawless complexion
Sale -10%

Liquid Foundation Flawless Coverage

US$ 58.20
US$ 64.80
A liquid foundation that aimed at ideal skin for adults with transparency & comfort
Sale -9%

Diamond Concealer

US$ 52.20
US$ 57.60
A sublime fluid-cream concealer

A makeup primer, also known as a foundation primer or makeup base, is a cosmetic product applied to the skin before the application of other makeup products. Its main purpose is to create a smooth and even surface for the subsequent application of foundation, blush, powder, and other makeup.

Makeup primers serve various functions and provide several benefits. Firstly, they help moisturize and prepare the skin for makeup application. This is especially important for dry or dehydrated skin, as a primer can improve texture and hydration, creating a smoother and more radiant canvas.

Primers can also enhance the longevity of makeup by helping it last longer. They create a barrier between the skin and makeup, preventing it from smudging or fading. Primers can be beneficial for those who struggle with makeup longevity or for special occasions that require long-lasting makeup throughout the day.

Additional benefits of makeup primers may include reducing the appearance of wrinkles, minimizing the appearance of pores, smoothing out skin texture, and creating a more even skin tone. Depending on the chosen primer, it may also have additional properties such as sun protection or color correction.

At CosmoStore, we offer a wide range of makeup primers from top brands. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting a primer that suits your needs and desired makeup effect.

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